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Greater Himalaya is a prominent trekking and travel management company based in Nepal's tourism capital, Thamel. Certified from the Ministry of Toursim , we are recognized as professionals in trekking and climbing with competent trekking and tour guides and maintain an equitable business relationships with airlines, vehicles, hotels, and foreign tour operators.

We specialize in Himalayan adventure tours and journeys, primarily in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan. Greater Himalaya trips are more than just another trip; we provide our guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience and fully assist them to enjoy the mountains at their finest.

Greater Himalaya is the culmination of extensive experience and knowledge in Nepal's adventure and tourism industry, as well as the surrounding Himalayan neighborhood. Within the designated destinations, we organize vacations based on the principles of excellent management, fair trade, guest satisfaction, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism. We deliver thrilling trekking tour packages, and our agency provides excellent service at a reasonable cost. In addition, we have refined as well as custom and private tour packages to Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet.

Each of our itineraries is custom created for people of all ages, groups, families, and individual travelers. We always appoint one of our qualified destination specialists to prepare and accompany you during your entire trip, from the start to the end. 

Hailing from various walks of life while having a shared passion for the mountains, our team members have dedicated their lives to learning and exploring the mountains, allowing us to provide the right components to the diverse guests we receive. In a short period of time, our passion and understanding of the Himalayas have helped us develop a large clientele all over the globe. Apart from this, we have founded relationships with the best tour operators in India, Bhutan, and Tibet, allowing us to provide the highest level of service to our customers in these countries. We guarantee the departure of all of our tour packages and adventure trips unless there are unexpected incidents beyond our influence, such as epidemics, pandemics, civil riots, natural disasters, legislative restrictions, and so on. Moreover, we offer city tours, hiking, bird watching, and a variety of other activities in these countries in addition to trekking and adventure trips, making us a one-stop choice for touring in the Himalayas.

Furthermore, we have a devoted team of people who are the best in the trekking and tourism industry. At the Greater Himalaya, we all come from varied backgrounds, but we all share a passion for mountain adventure. We've all journeyed in the Himalayas, so we can provide you with the right adventure, one that you'll be telling folks about for the long haul!

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