Who Are We

Greater Himalaya is a prominent trekking and travel management company based in Nepal's tourism capital, Thamel. It is a certified travel company with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies of the Government of Nepal, Office of the Company Registrar, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. We are proudly the recognized Himalayan professionals in trekking and climbing while our company employs knowledgeable, competent trekking and tour guides and maintains equitable business relationships with airlines, vehicles, hotels, and foreign tour operators. We specialize in Himalayan adventure tours and journeys, primarily in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan. Greater Himalaya trips are more than just another trip; we provide our guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience and fully assist them to enjoy the mountains at their finest.


Greater Himalaya is the culmination of extensive experience and knowledge in Nepal's adventure and tourism industry, as well as the surrounding Himalayan neighborhood. Within the designated destinations, we organize vacations based on the principles of excellent management, fair trade, guest satisfaction, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism. We deliver thrilling trekking tour packages, and our agency provides excellent service at a reasonable cost. In addition, we have refined as well as custom and private tour packages to Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet. Each of our itineraries is custom created for people of all ages, groups, families, and individual travelers. We always appoint one of our qualified destination specialists to prepare and accompany you during your entire trip, from the start to the end. 


Hailing from various walks of life while having a shared passion for the mountains, our team members have dedicated their lives to learning and exploring the mountains, allowing us to provide the right components to the diverse guests we receive. In a short period of time, our passion and understanding of the Himalayas have helped us develop a large clientele all over the globe. Apart from this, we have founded relationships with the best tour operators in India, Bhutan, and Tibet, allowing us to provide the highest level of service to our customers in these countries. We guarantee the departure of all of our tour packages and adventure trips unless there are unexpected incidents beyond our influence, such as epidemics, pandemics, civil riots, natural disasters, legislative restrictions, and so on. Moreover, we offer city tours, hiking, bird watching, and a variety of other activities in these countries in addition to trekking and adventure trips, making us a one-stop choice for touring in the Himalayas.


Furthermore, we have a devoted team of people who are the best in the trekking and tourism industry. At the Greater Himalaya, we all come from varied backgrounds, but we all share a passion for mountain adventure. We've all journeyed in the Himalayas, so we can provide you with the right adventure, one that you'll be telling folks about for the long haul!


What We Do

With several of the world's tallest mountains, Nepal is sure to fulfill the appetites of adventure seekers. However, trekking through these world's most unforgiving landscapes can be daunting and dangerous, so recruiting a travel agent is really a fantastic strategy. We Greater Himalaya with a team of experienced professionals can help you out with those challenges. We not only keep you safe throughout your journey, but we also offer you unique insights into local culture and customs. Mitigate the severity of language barriers, help the local economy, easily arrange porters on your behalf, and navigate roadblock routes are just some of the services we deliver.


In addition to this, we have the widest range of tours available, with both multinational and local packages, each with its own distinct itineraries. You can select Greater Himalaya Pvt Ltd., an experienced local Nepalese operator, to assist you on your exciting journey. Irrespective of your skillset, we guarantee that your journey will be full of adventure and achievement. We create custom trek and tour itineraries for you, with trails and routes that will meet your needs all along the journey. Whatever trail you choose, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Himalayas and a taste of the country's rich culture. 


Greater Himalaya also provides guided tours of varying degrees of difficulty if you decide you're ready to take on a more difficult trail. We also arrange short treks, which are a great choice for visitors to Nepal who want to see the Himalayas but don't have much time to devote to trekking. 


Greater Himalaya further organizes holiday packages on the grounds of excellent management, fair trade, guest satisfaction, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism, all while promoting Nepal as the world’s safest travel destination. Our company's employees, field guides, Sherpas, and porters are all polite and professional, and we provide excellent service at a reasonable cost.


Apart from the general tours and treks, we also make exclusive arrangements such as exotic weddings in the Himalayas, special honeymoon tour packages, fishing tour packages, Shamanism tours, Muslim tour packages, spiritual tours, as well as school and university tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.


Moreover, we also offer numerous thrilling adventure packages including Himalaya trekking, expeditions, heritage tours, city sightseeing, Everest flights, wildlife safaris, rafting, bird watching, airline tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, fishing, bungee jumping, paragliding, Zip flyer, meditation, and skydiving tours. In order to provide excellent tourism services, we have professionally trained as well as government-certified guide, porter, and driver.


The favorite aspect of all is that as local travel professionals, we are intimately familiar with the area and can provide meticulously crafted travel advisories. We are the local experts who are committed to the trip planning process and have the resources to put together an unforgettable trip for you. We're looking forward to being a part of your trip, whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime journey or a family vacation.


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Meet Our Team



Founder & Country Director - Australia

Sadeep Dhungana

As the founding member as well as the country representative of Greater Himalaya from Melbourne, Mr. Sudeep Dhungana  is also a traveler, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a teacher, and, most importantly, an activist who seeks to protect and promote the natural and cultural diversity of our world. Greater Himalaya, the Kathmandu-based travel business on the other hand has a growing reputation in the inbound travel trade and enterprise market.

Mr. Sadeep Dhungana was born and brought up in the Bhaktapur District, where he received excellent education. In addition to this, he has received his bachelor's degree from Tribhuvan University and his master's degree from Indira Gandhi University in India. He initially became interested in tourism after seeing tourists in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Before high school, he used to collect a lot of travel magazines. Mr. Dhungana began his professional career as a ticketing officer, but his passion for adventure tourism led him to work for Greater Himalaya as a passionate travel planner, and eventually he became a Nepal Government Certified Cultural Tour Guide.

Being an expert on cultural tours, Mr. Dhungana is well-versed in the prehistoric and sophisticated traditional cultures of Nepal's various ethnic groups. He is Greater Himalaya’s backbone, and his vast experience has aided Greater Himalaya in being what it is today. He began working in 2005 and moved to Melbourne, Australia for business and tourism studies after a decade of experience. He gladly promotes Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. People living in Oceania can contact him directly. 

Besides, Mr. Dhungana also has a Cambridge English Proficiency rating of 8 out of 9 and is fluent in Chinese, English, Nepali, and Hindi. Moreover, h e is a multi-talented individual who is well-versed in sports, history, politics, music, and a variety of other subjects. He also holds a master's degree in tourism management and serves part-time as a high school travel and tourism specialist.




Founder & Country Director - Nepal

Raj Dhamala

Mr. Raj Dhamala is one of the founding members as well as a country representative. He has been exploring the Nepal tourism sector for two decades, having secured a trekking guide license from Nepal's tourism ministry. With more than a decade of experience in the trekking and tourism industry, he founded Greater Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. He enjoys organizing trips for people that enthrall and delight them, but he has always tried to make the tourism industry more compassionate and sustainable.

In regards to his background, Mr. Dhamala grew up in the Dhading district of Nepal, in the village of Shankosh, which offered a magnificent view of the mountains. As a result, he has always been enamored with these magnificent peaks. However, coming from a working-class rural family, in the very beginning he worked as a domestic helper in his pre-teen years. Despite the hardships in his life, he worked hard to obtain an educational qualification as well as a promising future. He eventually relocated to Kathmandu, and it was this man's affection for mountains, as well as his willingness to share this love with travelers from all over the world, that led to the founding of Greater Himalaya. With the professionally run travel system, the company specializes in organizing Adventure, Cultural, Religious, Hill Station, Wildlife, and Great Himalayas tours in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet through a vast network as well as provides travel planning, itinerary design, hotel bookings, ticket reservations, and transportation services. It further offers holiday packages that are tailored to the needs and budgets of its customers 

Talking in depth of the initial phase, Mr. Dhamala began his career as a trekking and climbing porter when he was a teenager navigating the remote Himalayas. He then worked as a porter for a few years before gradually enrolling in classes for trekking, cooking, bartending, and a variety of other skills. After passing the Nepal Government's exams, Mr. Dhamala was promoted to helper, assistant guide, junior guide, and fully authorized guide. He went on to work as a tour guide in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. In 2009, he founded an agency and became the founder-director of a prosperous company, owing to his hard work and commitment with the task of making people happy via various adventures.

Apart from this, Mr. Dhamala has also been deeply engaged in social causes, primarily in his hometown, providing scholarships for underprivileged students and assisting in the construction of facilities such as water supply and school buildings, among other things. Raj was able to collect funds from well-wishers all over the world for the earthquake victims in Dhading and Gorkha districts, as well as provide supplies to the earthquake victims. He has further been personally involved in aiding the victims' recovery and offering medical assistance.

In addition to this, Mr. Dhamala has also been involved in social organizations and has served in the Training and HR department of the Nepal Trekking Agencies Association (TAAN). Moreover, he was also elected to the Executive Board of the Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF-NEPAL) and is now the Treasurer of the VITOF Nepal headquarters.




Country Director - Tibet

Lakpa D Tsering

Mr. Lakpa D Tsering is the country director of Tibet for Greater Himalaya and handles all the tour and trek activities in Tibet organized by our agency. Mr. Tsering was born and raised in Tibet and has been associated with the tourism as well as tour and trekking industry for many decades now. He is an integral part of our company with his immaculate experience of more than 30 years in the trekking and tourism industry. Besides, he also serves as the tour and expedition guide in Tibet as well as the representative and marketing manager for Greater Himalaya. He'd spent a lot of time hiking in Tibet's hills, and he'd even joined a few people on the exploratory trek. Due to his extensive knowledge in the sociocultural aspect as well as rules and regulation of his home country Tibet, he plays an important role in the tours, trek and excursions.  People in Tibet and neighboring countries may contact him directly, particularly if they need information in Tibetan.



Country Director - Bhutan

Thunji Sonam

Mr. Thunji Sonam is the representative of Greater Himalaya and a country director for Bhutan. Raised and educated in Bhutan, he has a wealth of knowledge about his birthplace, which also happens to be his workplace. Mr. Thunji has worked in the travel and tourism industry for more than a decade and is a valuable member of our team. In particular, he also services as a tour and travel director in Bhutan, as well as a Greater Himalaya representative and marketing manager. He'd spent a lot of time hiking and touring in Bhutan, and he'd even embarked on the exploratory journey with a few other people. As a local tour guide, Mr. Sonam assists you by reducing the effects of language barriers and promoting the local economy. His support is further advantageous for arranging porters on your behalf and navigating roadblocks. People from Bhutan and nearby nations are welcome to contact him directly, notably if they require relevant information in Bhutanese.




Country Director - India

Swati Neema

Ms. Swati Neema is a Greater Himalaya representative who is also a country director in India. She is an exceptional person with a proven track record of effective company representation as well as guiding travel and tours within specified geographical territories. Ms. Neema has been associated with our company for about 4 years and has experience of about 5 years in the trekking and tourism industry. She is well-versed in the culture, architecture, history, people, and all facets of the tourism industry. She is quite well informed in the landscapes, religious, and historical sites of the locations in order to provide visitors with accurate details. Ms. Swati is an integral part of the internal team of Greater Himalaya. In addition to this, she also has a strong command of many languages in addition to English, which is a boost. She assists the customers in solving their problems as well as other related issues while in India



CEO & Senior Web Developer

Sanjib Regmi

Mr. Sanjeeb Regmi is a web designer who also operates as a Senior IT technician in Greater Himalaya. He aims to bring empathy to any project he works on, whether it's analog or digital. His upbringing in Kathmandu, Nepal, has had a major impact on his professional career as well as his work ethic. He has been in the profession for more than a decade and with his impeccable experience, Mr. Sanjeeb holds full-time as well as freelance roles at a range of Nepalese and foreign-based organizations. Mr. Regmi earned his education from a prestigious Nepalese university as well as his advanced education from the reputable Institute of the States. He specializes in user-friendly and competitive website design and development, including webpage optimization, internal web features, and software development. In addition to this, he also aids in the conceptualization of the website packages and tour itineraries. He also helps in diagnosing and troubleshooting different critical issues of the company's website. He does provide valuable insights into any web design or marketing challenge, and he also helps our clients maximize the impact of their online presence. Moreover, he also serves as a digital marketing manager and provides adequate training to the junior employees in the company.



Senior Writer & Correspondence Manager

Jyoti Karki

Miss Jyoti is a senior content writer and correspondence manager with two years of progressive experience in web content writing, editing, and project management, as well as superior analysis and documentation skills. Miss Karki has outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, having majored in English and economics and holding a background in hotel management, travel tourism, as well as marketing. She is an excellent online writer having written web articles and blogs with advanced skills in content writing and referencing styles along with reviewing the articles to ensure the quality. Moreover, her ability to create original and insightful content in a responsible way is very impressive. With an extensive knowledge of keywords in SEO, Miss Karki can create content strategy as per the requirement including varied styles and formats for multiple audiences. Besides, she is also involved in online interaction with the clients and client emailing to solve their queries.




Senior Content Writer

Krishika Shrestha

Miss Krishika is an enthusiastic, organized, and methodical content creator as well as correspondence manager, specializing in content development and execution. As a senior content writer and manager, she is a dedicated team player as well as a trustworthy and conscientious individual who approaches work in a proactive and dynamic manner, even in the face of adversity. Miss Shrestha has a background in Food Science and Technology and is well-versed in both indigenous foods and food safety. With experience in content writing for over a year, she has expertise in writing, editing, and proofreading texts in order to deliver high quality content for organizational websites and blogs. She has an enormous capability in persuasive, critical as well as analytical kind of writing along with researching competency. Furthermore, she does have outstanding written and verbal communication skills, as well as a working knowledge of best SEO practices for enhanced search engine optimization.



Senior Writer & Data Analysts

Sareena Ghale

 Sareena is a senior content and data quality analyst with experience of over a year. She specializes in content team leadership as well as freelancer management. She is a business study major with a background in computer science and mathematics. In addition, she is professional at rapidly evaluating projects, prioritizing them, curating and editing the company website's content and delivering good content within defined time frames. Miss Ghale is technically skilled at allocating the tasks of writing authentic content for different sites to the content writers and is experienced in handling the task responsibility ensuring great output. Her written article, blogs and web-contents are original with no plagiarism as well as grammatical errors and provide job completion commitment.

Moreover, she is a professional in critical writing and has excellent typing and writing skills. She creates brand-specific content that appeals to a targeted platform and draws in new readers and customers.




Tour Leader

Pradeep Dahal

Mr. Pradeep Dahal was born in a village in Kathmandu's northern suburbs and received a good education in the Kathmandu Valley. He is a science student and recently completed his post-graduate studies at Tribhuvan University. He previously worked as a secondary school science teacher before beginning his career as a tour guide/leader.Mr. Dahal is a competent guide who has worked as a tour leader and trekking guide for Greater Himalaya in almost every trekking and tour destination. As a postgraduate student of social work, he has also worked as a part-time lecturer for BSW for social work students in Kathmandu. He is a dedicated guide who is well-versed in Shamanism, Animism, and Buddhism. Moreover, he is a Nepalese government-approved guide who participates in numerous tourism workshops making him one of Greater Himalaya's best employees.



Mountain Trek Leader

Santa Pun

Mr. Santa Pun is a professional and resourceful tour guide who has accompanied clients on trips to various locations in Nepal for many years. He has prior experience organizing itineraries based on time constraints, weather, and events. He has hiked and trekked in the Nepalese Himalayas on both inn-based and camping-based tours and aims to provide the best possible customer support and travel experience to the clients. He's prepared outdoor meals for trekking tour participants and even conducted outdoor cooking workshops. He is well-versed in Nepal's natural and cultural past, as well as geology, ecology, biology, and outdoor activities.