Mountain Expeditions

Mountain Expeditions

The Himalayas are a paradise for mountain lovers, especially those who want to climb them. Among the Himalayan countries, Nepal offers the maximum number of towering and the most challenging Himalayan peaks. All up it has more than 1,310 peaks over 6,000 meters and 8 out of 14 world highest peaks above 8000 meters. By far, the most popular mountain to climb in Nepal is the world's tallest Mount Everest (8,848 meters). For a long time, Nepal's mighty Himalayas has attracted adventurers and heroes daring to the summit.

A mountain climbing experience can be a long trip in Nepal, usually lasting a couple of months as climbers need to prepare hard before the actual ascent. If someone is climbing an 8000m peak then they practice climbing smaller peaks and mountains ranging from 6000-7500 meters before they attempt the high peak. The budget can range from USD 10,000- 30,000 depending on which mountain you want to climb. It is important to have prior experience of rock climbing, ice climbing and climbing techniques in glaciers, and proper mountaineering training before coming to a Mountain climbing trip in Nepal. Mountain climbing is a high-risk adventure so proper preparation, an experienced support crew, and travel insurance are a must when you arrive for a mountain expedition. 




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