Home Stay Tours

Home Stay Tours

Homestay trips in the Himalayas offer you an opportunity to stay with a local family and share their food, accommodation, and of course culture and values. Home stay trips are different than the luxurious stay at hotels in cities as homestay accommodations are available usually in remote towns and villages. They make it up for the lack of luxury with the warm hospitality and personalized services they provide. You will be eating whatever is available in the kitchen garden and at home, take part in daily chores of the villagers like farming or fishing and celebrate festivals with them as if you are a family member.

Homestay trips can be a great opportunity to explore foreign cultures especially for smaller kids raised with western values as they will be exposed to a completely alien culture that will help them understand different lifestyles and living conditions. You can do an entire trip based on the concept of homestay or you can choose to spend one or two nights as part of your whole trip. Regardless of which option you opt for, the experience is great, and most people cannot believe the quality of food and the memories they had. 




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