Wildlife Safari Tour

Wildlife Safari Tour

The Himalayas are not only snowy peaks, but they also have great biodiversity. Especially India and Nepal have many protected areas which are famous for offering the best safari in the world. Jim Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park and Kaziranga national park in India and Chitwan National park, Bardiya National park, and Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve are some of the most popular Jungle safari destinations in South Asia. Jungle Safari in these areas offers you the opportunity to get close to nature while you encounter rare species of animals such as the royal Bengal tiger, One-horned rhino, Asiatic elephants, more than 15% of bird species and reptiles such as king cobra, crocodiles like the Marsh Mugger and the Gharial.

Jungle safari trips operated by Himalayan trekkers take you to the buffer zones between national parks and settlements (sometimes inside the national park) and involve you in activities like bird watching, nature walk, canoe trips, jeep safari, and elephant safari. You will always have an experienced jungle guide with you when you are doing these activities. Jungle safari these days are very luxurious as luxurious hotels and resorts with world-class facilities are available in most of these destinations. Some people prefer to do jungle safari trips as a means of relaxation after treks. 




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