10 things you should know before you enter Bhutan

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Oct 14, 2020

10 things you should know before you enter Bhutan

Bhutan is the most mysterious destination in South Asia and is visited by very few people. Most people are aware about the fact that Bhutan is a country that focuses on quality of tourist and providing better services to them, rather than having higher numbers of visitors. Bhutan charges a minimum fee per day to ensure high quality and it includes all meals, accommodation, a friendly local guide and transportation. Since there are lots of mysteries surrounding this tiny nation of 800,000 people, let us look at some facts that will make travelling to Bhutan a bit easier. 

1. Flight Facts

Flying into Bhutan has very limited choices as flights to Paro, Bhutan take place from some Indian cities, Thailand, Singapore and Kathmandu, Nepal.  Since the airport is located in high altitude and surrounded by very high mountains, it is subject to weather conditions since all flights use visual based landings so they can get delayed to cancelled sometimes. It is always wise to keep a day or two extra when you are flying into Bhutan. 

3. Spotty Internet Connections

B-Mobile SIM and TashiCell are the two phone service providers in Bhutan. You can purchase the sim card in the airport, or you can request us for one, Our team in Bhutan will be more than happy to organize it for you. Since Bhutan is mountainous, the connection may not be as good as you have been experiencing. 

4. Dressing

Dzongs are a ancient fortress that house administrative units, temples and monasteries and are center of Bhutanese culture.  Wearing hats, shorts, short skirts, flip-flops, or t-shirts can be worn inside. It is expected that all travelers travelling into a Dzong have covered their arms and legs. 

5. Money matters in Bhutan.

ATM’s are available in Paro and Thimphu and international cards can be used pretty widely. If you plan includes places beyond these two it is a good idea to draw some cash. Since every major expense is included in your package , just carry enough for small expenses and shopping. 

6. Hiking up the Tiger’s Nest. 

The iconic monastery situated at 3000 m from sea level can be reached after a 20 minutes’ drive and 4-5 hours trek from Paro. Using proper hiking boots and hiking poles is extremely helpful as you go up and down the most scenic hike in Bhutan.  Staying hydrated and taking it easy is the way to go when you do this part of the Bhutan tour. 

7. Guided Tours Only

You can travel Bhutan only with a government authorized travel company and you will be accompanied by a guide throughout the trip. Some people may hate the idea of a guide but in remote corners of Himalayas with so many different things to see and experience, having a guide will really enhance your understanding and experience of the trip. Travelling on your own is not possible in Bhutan. 

8. Bhutanese Food

Bhutanese people love to have spicy and hot food. Emma datshi is the most popular dish in Bhutan. It si rice and spicy chilies topped off with a delicious cheese sauce. Kewa datshi is another worthy food item which contains sliced potatoes and cheese – usually with chilies, too. Try shakam paa, dried beef cooked with (you guessed it) chilies and radish. Momo and fried fern stalks or a tasty yak curry are some of the dished you should try in Bhutan. 

9) Phallus paintings

Phallus paintings in Bhutan are esoteric symbols, which have their origins in the Chimi Lhakhang monastery near Punakha, the former capital of Bhutan. The belief that such a symbol brings good luck and drives away evil spirits is so much ingrained in the psyche of the common populace in Bhutan that the symbols are routinely painted outside walls of the new houses and even painted on number plates of trucks.

10) Monarchy of Bhutan. 

Monarchy is very popular and respected in Bhutan. The current king and queen of Bhutan are very much loved by the commoners. King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk and his commoner wife Jetsun Pema have a more than celebrity status.