Buddhist Circuit Tour

Buddhist Circuit Tour

US $ 1750 per person

Trip Duration

14 Days

Max Altitude

1300 M

Best Season

All Year Round Except Summer ,


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Buddhist Circuit Tour


Nepal India Buddhist Circuit Tour is designed for those who want to follow the footprints of Gautam Buddha. Lumbini where the Lord Buddha took birth, Bodh Gaya where he attained enlightenment, Sarnath where he gave his first sermon, and Khushinagar where he got his ultimate state of Nirvana. These four destinations are covered by Buddhist Circuit Tour to provide you a deep insight into Lord Buddha's life journey.

Nepal is the land where Lord Buddha was born and is considered the popular destination of Buddhist pilgrims. Besides this, the largest stupa of Buddha, Boudhanath, and Swaymbhunath are other major attractions of Kathmandu. Similarly, we will also pay a visit to Pharping Monastery and Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu which is home to a vast number of monks and nuns.

Nepal Buddhist sacred sites provide you with knowledge about Tibetan Buddhism as Buddhist culture in Nepal is influenced by Tibet. Also, in many of the monasteries, Tibetan refugees are living and are giving life to the Buddhist teaching and practices.

In Nepal, you will also visit the greatest Buddhist site in the world, Lumbini. By staying in Lumbini, you will cover the major historical monuments and stupas of the Lumbini tour. You can get a glimpse of centuries-old inscriptions proving the birth of Buddha in the holy land Lumbini.

From Nepal, our guide will take you to another country, India to explore the places where Buddha got his enlightenment and nirvana. It is said that Buddha attained enlightenment by sitting under the pipal tree in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. This place consists of Mahabodhi Temple Complex which is listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will also pay a visit to Sarnath which is an important religious place for Jain followers. Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon to his five disciples in this place. Many nations such as Thailand, Tibet, Japan, etc. have built monasteries in Sarnath as a part of their contribution. Next, you will visit Kushinagar where Buddha reached Nirvana (death). It is near Hiranyavati River where Buddha took his last breath and was cremated at Ramabhar Stupa.

Our Buddhist Circuit Tour includes the major holy sites of Buddhism which will provide you the deep knowledge about 4 Noble Truths and 3 Jewels taught by Lord Buddha. Register your seat for this trip and learn about the golden path propounded by Buddha. Enjoy the whole 15 days trip with the Buddhist followers all around the world and harmonize the Buddha's teaching in day-to-day life.


Arrival: Kathmandu Nepal > Departure: Delhi India


Accommodation- Nepal India Buddhist Circuit Tour

During our Nepal India Buddhist Circuit Tour, you will be staying in a 3-star hotel. You have to share the twin room with another touring partner. If you are traveling single, then you have to share the room with fellow travelers of having same-sex. However, if you want a single room, then you can tell us and we will manage it for you at an additional cost.

Be it a single or twin room, it will be extremely comfortable for you to spend a night. Every room is clean and well-equipped with needed materials. Also, there are facilities of air conditioner, shower, and attached bathroom. You will get a warm blanket and pillow.

If you want to stay in a 5-star hotel rather than a 3-star hotel, then we can make changes to your itinerary. You can enjoy the luxurious facilities, if they are available, just by paying a little extra. Just tell us and we will give you everything as per your demand.

Meals in Nepal India Buddhist Circuit Tour

In most of the Greater Himalaya itinerary, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the tour package. We will try our best to serve authentic and unique food during the tour. However, if you want to taste something beyond this such as street foods, snacks, water, etc. then you need to pay for it on your own.

Since you are traveling in two different nations, you will get to taste the distinct food throughout your trip. So, be ready to give the fiery blast to your tongue during this trip.

During your Nepal trip, you can enjoy authentic Nepalese food such as Dhidho and Gundruk. Besides these, you can also find the western and oriental dishes such as dal, vat, rice, dumplings, Thukpa, pizzas, burgers, Thai, French fries, etc. Indian and Chinese dishes are also easily available in Nepal.

India is immensely popular for its spicy dishes which have a unique taste. You can enjoy the spicy Thali (Plate) dishes such as rice, bread, lassie, yogurt drink, etc. You can also enjoy street foods like pani puri, chatpatey, aloo-chat, etc.